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  • Offers thorough people search and criminal background checks
  • Membership includes unlimited searches
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Reliable, thorough and secure searches
  • Does not offer reverse phone number or email searches
  • Customer support is lacking
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TruthFinder is a background check company that provides its customers with an accurate and efficient way to screen an individual, from the most basic of checks to in-depth investigations into that person’s criminal history.  

The company has favorable reviews from its customers, mainly because of how straightforward it is to use their website, as well as the return of easy-to-understand reports. Overall, it may be one of the best background check companies to rely on whether you want to uncover and understand an individual’s history or simply find a long-lost relative, classmate, or friend.  

In this TruthFinder Review, we will be discussing everything there is to learn before you hit the subscribe button. This review of TruthFinder also aims to reveal the basic information about the website, such as search capabilities, customer support, plans and pricing, and its user-friendliness. In addition, we will be comparing the website’s pros and cons to help you make a better decision.


Ease of Use

TruthFinder is very easy to use, and you only need the individual’s first name, last name, and last known state to get started with a background check. This information is then inserted into the search bar found clearly on the website’s home page. It may take a couple of minutes before you get redirected to a page where the actual results are.  

Once redirected, all the matching results will display the individuals’ age, current and previous addresses, as well as possible relatives. It should be noted that if there is more than one result in your search, they may also be sorted by filters including best match, last and first name, location, or age.  

From that same page, you’ll need to click the ‘Access Report’ button, in which you may need to wait for a few more minutes to make sure everything has loaded. You will now be able to view an individual’s possible relatives, as well as order similar reports for them.  

You may also encounter a page with a large bold image that states, “This Report May Contain Graphic Content.” Don’t worry, as you only need to reconfirm that you’re ready to learn about the individual’s personal details. Finally, you will be redirected to the pricing page before accessing the full report.  


Search Capabilities

The way customers run a search in the public records is almost the same process for all background check websites. However, searches yield better results if the first name, last name, as well as the city or state the subject resides in, are accurately provided by the customer. Using this, TruthFinder will be able to run an initial report. Many TruthFinder reviews will also tell you that the more information you are able to provide about the person, the more information TruthFinder will be able to gather. 

TruthFinder will also be able to provide you with information about the individual’s relatives, social media pages, a summary of his or her state records, and more. You will also be able to pull criminal and other related court records using the same method. In addition, reverse phone number lookup is available to the customers.  

TruthFinder delivers standard reports that reveal an individual’s known aliases, possible relatives, date of birth, social media profiles, contact information, census data, current and former addresses, arrest, traffic, and criminal records, and nearby sex offenders.  

Meanwhile, premium reports may also comprise of the individual’s educational attainment; business associates, current and past roommates, possible neighbors, voter registration details, professional licenses, bankruptcies, weapons permit, and traffic accidents.  


Customer Support

While Truth Finder does not offer 24/7 customer support, their lines are open for most of the day. If you are a customer calling about a problem, you may do so by contacting a customer support representative or by emailing the company between 5 in the morning to 10 in the evening (PST), or between 8 in the morning to 1 in the morning (EST). Another reason why TruthFinder may be a bit behind its competitors, as stated in other reviews, is that the company does not offer a live chat support feature.  


Plans & Pricing

Truth Finder is available in three pricing plans. First, the 1-month membership costs around $27.78. This pricing plan works on a rolling basis, in which the customer can opt to run an unlimited amount of standard background check reports.  

Second, TruthFinder offers a 3-month membership plan. This is very much like the 1-month membership plan in that it allows the customers to generate an unlimited number of standard reports. However, it may also be cheaper as you only need to pay $23.02 monthly for three months.  

Third, TruthFinder has a phone number lookup plan, which costs less than $2/month. Subscribing to this pricing plan gives you the option to generate as many phone number reports that you want. 


Bottom Line 

In our review of TruthFinder we've found that they offer quite an impressive service, providing customers with the freedom to generate accurate and updated reports on the individuals they are searching for. The reports have also proved to be organized and easy to comprehend. In addition, you have the option to go from standard reports to premium reports for a reasonable price. If you were undecided about whether to subscribe to the service or not, we hope that this review of TruthFinder has helped you make a better decision.  

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