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  • Ad-free
  • Open source project
  • Impressive plugins, widgets
  • Limited remote blogging options
Bottom Line
Easy to use, and Ad free with extensive, innovative features.
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Founded in 2003, WordPress has fast become one of the leading self-hosted blog and CMS services. WordPress is an open source project that caters to millions of customers the world over, providing customers with easy to use interfaces and intuitive blog building tools. Since it is open source, WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for everything and anything


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WordPress customers will not only be able to enjoy a wide variety of plugins and widgets which they can add at any time to enhance their sites, WordPress also offers customers an impressive selection of features and tools designed to optimize their site and guarantee online exposure. The service itself will send customers’ websites to Google and Technorati, in addition to providing customers with accurate traffic stats, feed stats, and traffic source stats, as well as SEO tools such as permalinks, backlinks and RSS feeds.



Completely free of charge, WordPress offers an impressive array of plugins, widgets and features designed to enhance your website. However, the paid plans will give users more features such as a customer domain, no WordPress ads, live chat support, Google analytics, and so on. WordPress paid plans include Personal, Premium, and Business Plans tailored to different users.


Ease of Use

Easy to use and free of charge, WordPress is a definite customer favorite. Customers will have the choice of hundreds of different templates and will be able to customize their templates since WordPress is open source. Consequently, WordPress is user friendly and is recommended for both novice, and more experienced users who wish to do their own CSS work.


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Customer Support

WordPress strives to supply its customers with all of the information they need on their site. As such, the site is home to an extensive knowledge base featuring a large database of tips, blogs, tutorials and FAQS. On the off-chance that you cannot find the answers you are looking for, WordPress customer support will answer email queries or you can browse WordPress’s forum.

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