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Joe Schwartz

Medical Alerts Editor

As our loved ones get older, they can become more susceptible to accidents and injuries. Spending money on a caregiver or a nursing home can incur major costs and cause a major inconvenience. Medical alert systems provide an affordable alternative to ensure a person’s safety and independence. image

1. Allows the Person to Remain Independent

Medical alert systems have both at-home and portable options so that both you and your family member can remain independent and maintain privacy. Your loved one won’t need to be accompanied every time they leave the house.

2. Affordable

Medical alert systems like Medical Guardian or LifeStation offer an affordable option for under $30 per month, while still providing crucial help around the clock. Not everyone can afford to pay for a personal caregiver or relocating to a nursing home.

3. Avoid the Nursing Home

In addition to their high costs, nursing homes can be a major upheaval and interruption in a person’s life. Many elderly people are comfortable in their homes and communities and moving to an unfamiliar location can be disrupting. Medical alert systems help avoid the cost and the hassle of having to relocate a loved one from their home.

4. Provides Services Cell Phones Cannot

In an emergency situation, you can’t always rely on a cell phone to call for help. Cell reception can sometimes be spotty and cell-phones are not durable and waterproof. Wearable medical alert devices ensure that the person has the alert button with them at all times, even in the shower. Plus, cell phones aren’t always user-friendly, and involve pushing more than just one button.

5. On the Go and At Home

Medical alert systems offer GPS enabled and at-home options so that you or your loved one can stay safe anywhere. Portable equipment like the classic guardian by Medical Guardian even have backup batteries that can last up to 32 hours.

6. Discreet

Having an alert system doesn’t have to draw attention everywhere you go. Medical alert equipment includes portable alert buttons that users can wear discreetly on their belt, wrist or neck.

7. Saves Costs on Ambulance

A single ambulance ride can cost around a thousand dollars, regardless of whether the ambulance was needed or not. You can avoid this costly hassle when using an alert device as it will connect the wearer to a trained professional who can either send an ambulance, a family member or a neighbor.

8. Easy to Use

One of the best things about medical alert devices is their simplicity. Getting help simply requires the push of a button, meaning all users can easily use the system even if it is dark or if they are visually impaired. Operators on standby can contact medical professionals immediately in the event of a health emergency.

9. Works without Power

Medical alert equipment runs on long-lasting batteries. Even in a blackout, storm, or earthquake, medical alert systems provide reliable assistance.

10. Reliable

At the end of the day, it comes down to keeping loved ones safe. Many medical alert devices such as ADT Health also come equipped with important features like fall detection to ensure reliable help when you need it the most. With 24/7 monitoring capabilities, getting help is as simple as pushing a button. image

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24/7 monitoring with advanced GPS tracking
Mobile Help
FDA registered systems with fall detection capabilities.
Aloe Care Health
Voice-activated medical alert system
Medical Alert
Easy to use, portable systems.
One Call Alert
Easy set-up and use.

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