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How to Make your Personal Dating Profile Really Pop? image

Allison Dienstman

Online Dating Editor

Learn how you can make your dating profile really stand out and how you can secure that elusive match. image

You’ve signed up for an online dating site and are raring to go, love is just around the corner! But how do you make your personal dating profile stand out from the thousands of other user profiles on the dating site? You want to find love, but in order to find that special someone you really do need to distinguish yourself. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish just that:

Tip #1 - Presentation is Key

Your avatar, or the image you choose as your profile pic, will be the first thing that catches the attention of potential matches. Now I would recommend uploading a real pic of yourself and not just some random image of a cupcake or a heart shape you found online. Also, try and find an up-to-date picture of yourself to upload to your profile. Dating site users mean serious business and they do not like misrepresentations. But do try to find a relatively flattering and eye-grabbing picture of yourself, preferably one where you are doing something that would indicate your hobbies or one that says something about who you are.

Tip #2 - Answer the Question!

Dating sites such as OkCupid and eHarmony ask their new members to fill in a detailed questionnaire of themselves so that their uniquely calibrated matching systems can recommend potential matches. Take time to answer the questions put to you, and try to answer them as truthfully as possible so that you can increase your chances of finding your optimal match.

Tip #3 - Keep it Short

When it comes to your actual biography, I suggest keeping it short and to the point. Add a few fun facts about yourself, your interests and what you are looking for in a partner, but don’t go into a whole spiel about what book you last read, what love means to you or what your favorite color is. Keep it relevant and interesting. image

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