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How to Start a Blog - 7 Quick Steps to Creating Your Own Blog image

Joe Schwartz

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So you’ve decided to start your very own blog? Congrats! The following are 7 quick and easy steps to opening your very own successful blog. image

1. Decide on a Topic

First thing’s first, what is your blog going to be about? Your blog’s subject will act as it’s focal point in determining a design concept, a domain name and even a blogging platform and hosting service that you feel would best suit your ‘blogging needs’.

2. Choose a Platform

The blogging platform, or CMS, you choose for your blog is increasingly important (which is why it is number 2 on our ‘How To’ list). Depending on what kind of blog you are interested in building, you could choose a more basic, free builder or if you are looking to build a blog for business or commercial purposes, then a more advanced platform designed to cater to business clients, and featuring eCommerce tools, would be the better choice.

3. Your Blog’s Domain

Don’t forget to register a domain! You can either choose a unique domain name, or a sub-domain provided free by your chosen hosting service or blogging platform, depending on the type of blog you wish to create. Your domain name should (hopefully) reflect the subject and overall vibe of your blog, so choose carefully before shelling out the bucks needed to register your very own domain name.

4. Choose a Design Template

By now you should have a clear concept of the vibe your blog is supposed to convey to your (soon) faithful readers. The best blogging platforms offer their users thousands of design templates and color schemes and themes to choose from, making it that much easier to build a professional looking blog site of your very own. You can even customize your chosen design template if you are somewhat familiar with HTML and PHP, for that little-added touch of uniqueness.

5. Blog, Blog, Blog

Now that you have your blog all set up to your liking, it’s time to get to blogging. And since you’re already an expert blogger you don’t need much advice on that front. Try and blog as often as possible, as a unique content that you post on your blogging site, the better your chances of attracting new readers, while keeping your old readers thoroughly engaged.

6. Share Your Blog

The best way to attract new readers, and to keep your pre-established readership engaged, is by sharing your blog posts on the various social networks. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Reddit and even Linkedin are great platforms for sharing a link to your recently posted blog and will drive new traffic to your site, as well as allow your readers to react and comment on your most recent posts.

7. Boost Your SEO

Many website builders offer advanced SEO tools that allow your blog to get discovered by search engines. Make sure to enable these SEO tools and do some keyword research to try and rank for specific keywords. Organic search traffic will help you acquire new readers who are sure to return if they like what they read. image

Top 5

Squarespace offers a wide selection of uniquely designed templates, great customization as well as a user-friendly CMS.
Network Solutions
Network Solutions provides all-inclusive web hosting packages including one free domain name and sophisticated website building tools. Ideal for small to medium businesses looking to launch a new website.
3 offers a range of easy to use features for building websites including hundreds of templates. With its drag-and-drop editor and selection of widgets it's easy to create a website. also offers a website design and creation service for those looking to be up and running in no time.
Starting at just $3.84/month, HostGator offers a well-rounded, affordable website builder.
SITE123 website builder offers comprehensive features for both personal and business use, with both free and premium plans available.

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