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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Great for screen, keyboard, & mouse sharing
  • Limited chat options
  • Fast internet required
Bottom Line
GoToMeeting VoIP delivers fast, reliable collaboration tools like conferencing and screen sharing.
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Introduced in 2004, GoToMeeting business VoIP improves the world of online communication through its video conferencing software. Originally just a conferencing platform, the company has now expanded offering GoToWebinar and GoToTraining which provides all the features your business needs to hold long distant conferencing.  GoToMeeting VoIP has especially good collaboration features such as screen and mouse sharing sharing, conferencing, and drawing tools.

Whether connecting with potential clients or employees, provide team training or have a face-to-face conversation with others via video, GoToMeeting VoIP provides a fast and reliable service to do so. The reliable company received an Edison Award in 2012 for Best Media Communication.  


Ease of Use

GoToMeeting VoIP created its software in a way that anyone can use with ease. The company provides user-friendly tools and features supported by iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. These features make connecting with hundreds of others, in real-time, simply one-click away. So even if you are not tech-savvy, you can still benefit from this software.



GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial, which hosts up to 50 attendees. Customers who feel satisfied with the service can then purchase one of the three available plans. These include: 

For those just getting started with web conferencing, this is a good place to start. Priced at only $19 per month, this option hosts up to 10 participants. Features that come with this plan include: 
- Web Audio 
- Screen Sharing 
- Unlimited Meetings 
- Dial-in Conference Line 
- Business Messaging 
- HD Video with 11 Webcams 
- Call Me 
- Secure 
- 24/7 Customer Care 
- Mobile Apps  

As GoToMeetings’ most popular option, the Pro plan costs $29 per month and hosts 150 participants. Enhanced features include: 
- Meeting Lock 
- Personal Meeting Room 
- Unlimited Recording 
- Drawing Tools 
- Active Directory 
- Keyboard & Mouse Sharing 

This option allows large-scale enterprises to host up to 250 participants on video conferencing. The Plus Plan costs $49 per month and includes InRoom Link as an additional feature.  

All plans include GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Prices are based on an annual subscription, which provides a 20% off monthly payments. These costs do not include VAT. 


GoToMeeting is not just simply video conferencing, it offers so much more for business meetings. 

Desktop sharing makes online communication highly effective. Screen sharing allows all employees to view anything from a business presentation to training screens, without having to be present in the office. Remote employees can benefit through accessing exactly what is on the user's screen, making step-by-step guides perfectly efficient. This option can be used for multiple users, saving businesses time and money rather than sourcing one-to-one meetings. 

A huge benefit of desktop sharing is that it can be used for training purposes. Whether you are updating staff on new content or starting fresh with a new employee, GoToMeeting provides a platform to present this information. This option can be viewed on any device, including mobiles, which allows individuals to feel like they are in the room no matter where they are.  

Additional features include drawing tools, handover control for keyboard and mouse and a virtual whiteboard.  


Business Offerings

GoToMeeting business VoIP takes care of the administrative side of things by running real-time reports, hassle-free. This means that you can save time on admin and focus on building your business in other ways. Businesses can benefit through meeting potential clients, employees and partners in real-time and face-to-face, anywhere in the world. All standards of GoToMeeting are professional and personal, allowing you to stay on-brand for your company.


Customer Support

If for any reason you wish to contact GoToMeeting, their team of professionals are available 24/7. You can send your email when requesting the contact number, and they will retrieve all of your personal information before you call, saving you both time. 

The company has an online community where individuals can connect and share personal experiences which may help each other. Also, their website includes an FAQ which customers can access at any time to explore common issues. 

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