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One of the most in-depth DNA tests on the market
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Offering twice the detail of other DNA ancestry tests on the market, Living DNA will give you your DNA mix spanning 80 world regions with 21 of them in Britain and Ireland. Testing not only covers your family line ancestry, but maternal and paternal ancestry lines depending on your gender. Living DNA can test your DNA makeup as far back as ten generations, and as their systems evolve, update your ethnicity report to provide ongoing details about your lineage. 


Pricing and Sign-Up

Customers can order a DNA testing kit for $99.00 on the Living DNA website. You can receive your results for free online or opt to add a Personalized Ancestry Book for an additional $69.00. Test availabilities are limited.  


Test Kit & Features

When you first receive the test, register your kit online. The registration process is simple and takes only minutes. Next, remove the swab and take your sample as the enclosed instructions outline. When done, simply pack your sample in the prepaid shipping box provided, and send your sample to the lab to be processed. 



In 10 to 12 weeks, your individual ethnicity estimate will be available online via your Living DNA online account or in a personalized book. Your results will include your family ancestry in three detailed maps providing context of your ancestry dating back up to 80,000 years.

Results also outline your Motherline Ancestry, giving you a genetic overview, and detail the migration map of your Motherline ancestors from the point in Africa where we all share the same DNA. These results will even highlight famous individuals that share the same Motherline as you.

If you are male, Living DNA will even provide your Fatherline Ancestry so you can explore your ancestral origins from your fathers side. These details can only be provided for men as they are based on Y chromosome DNA. 


Customer Care

Living DNA provides 24/7 online customer support on its website. There is no contact phone number listed for customers to call, but their website provides an extensive repository of information that covers all questions from the science behind their testing methods, to privacy. 


Word on the Street

Living DNA is a littler more pricey in comparison to some of their competitors. Results take from 6 to 8 weeks to be delivered. However, they use highly sophisticated results in order to provide more reliable results. They also offer free test updates if your results were to change.

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