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MyHeritage is one of the most popular DNA testing companies on the net, allowing people to connect with their family and discover more about their roots. MyHeritage users can request a DNA testing kit and keep complete records of their family history using the free family tree builder software available for download. MyHeritage offers a free genealogy software that helps customers record and preserve their family history. Users can download the software for free on the website which they can use to manage their family history with the software’s family tree builder. The upgrades available provide premium features. Upon request at an added fee, MyHeritage sends DNA test kits enabling users to get a full record of their ancestry.

Learn more about MyHeritage and whether it's the right DNA kit for you in our MyHeritage review. It’s worth noting that in this review we'll be talking about the MyHeritage DNA service, as well as the site which offers other services such as a family tree builder and genealogy history.


Pricing and Sign-Up Process

MyHeritage offers several levels of accounts and subscriptions, allowing you to choose a plan and budget that makes sense for you. It all depends on what you want to do with the site. If you’re interested in only creating a very simple family tree, you can do that for free once you sign up. More extensive family trees, primary document research, and other features require a paid subscription.

Like most similar sites, and as almost any MyHeritage review will tell you, the good stuff is rarely free. We’ve summarized the pricing and plans, along with a brief description of what they offer, in the table below.  

Subscription Type1st YearRenewal Annual Cost
Basic (up to 250 family tree entries)FREEFREE
Premium (up to 2,500 family tree entries, SmartMatch, and advanced DNA features)$99$129
PremiumPlus (unlimited family tree entries, all features of Premium, plus Instant Discoveries and Consistency Checker)$159$209
Data Only (Basic plus access to almost 10 billion historical records and record matching services)$139$189
Complete (PremiumPlus and Data, all features available from the site)$209$299

In terms of the MyHeritage DNA kit, that service is a separate, a-la-carte purchase. It is not a mandatory requirement for using the MyHeritage site, nor is a subscription required to purchase and get results from the MyHeritage DNA test kit. However, you’ll get the most benefit if you do already have a subscription since you can use the DNA test kit results to discover new relatives, ethnic origins, and much more, that directly links to your MyHeritage family tree and genealogical resources.  The MyHeritage DNA test kit usually retails for between $59 and $79 depending on promotional pricing.


Test Kit & Features

MyHeritage comes with plenty of features to help users create a complete record of their family history. The software facilitates users researching their family history by matching family records found internationally including the translation of historical names into the language of the user, search and matching tools, and technology to connect users from the same family. Their tools shed light on missing information within a family by connecting millions of users around the world to their relatives.

Features available with MyHeritage include a family tree builder that has templates, charts, photos, records, and more. The Search Connect feature enables users to find others (among their 88 million users) looking for the same ancestors or relatives. Meanwhile, the Record Detective feature automatically extends the paper trail from a single historical record to other related records and family tree connections. Other features include global name translation which matches names in historical records to those in other languages. The Record Matching tool automatically matches between people and historical records. SuperSearch contains millions of records of families worldwide.

In reviewing the MyHeritage DNA kit, we found that the DNA test is fairly similar to what most other competitors offer. They use a cheek swab method, which can be conducted easily at home, and send the sample off to a lab for analysis. They process the results and deliver them to you online in approximately 4 weeks. You can find out information about your ethnic origins and family history. Perhaps most compelling is the fact that they will match you with other relatives based on your shared DNA, allowing you to find whole branches of your extended family you never even knew existed!  


DNA Test Results

Specifically talking about the MyHeritage DNA test kit, they use highly-accredited labs and professional technicians to analyze your sample and keep your information secure and private. The DNA is captured and made digital, and then compared against their database of information. This provides an ethnicity estimate of your geographic origins. They then run your DNA against all other people in the database, to find relatives who share portions of your DNA.  All of that is compiled, and the results provided online.

One commendable feature that most MyHeritage DNA reviews don’t mention, but we think is important, is that you can request your raw digital data and sample to be destroyed at any time after you receive your results. This helps protect your privacy even further and is an excellent additional feature that a lot of competitors don’t offer.


Customer Care & Support

Both the basic MyHeritage website and the MyHeritage DNA kit offer robust customer care and support options. While you don’t necessarily need to utilize customer care or support, as all the resources are generally at your fingertips, it’s nice to know they are there to help you, especially as a paying, subscribing member. There’s a wealth of online help and articles/FAQs available to start with.

You can also contact them via toll-free phone number in most major jurisdictions (including the US and Canada), or a tolled number in some countries, in 19 languages, during normal business hours or 24/7 in many regions (including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and the UK).  One curious thing to note in our MyHeritage review, however, is that they don’t seem to offer e-mail based support, which is unusual in this day and age.


Word on the Street

Although MyHeritage has received mixed reviews and some customers have commented on the lengthy wait time for results, overall they have received positive feedback, especially in regards to their helpful and responsive customer support.


Bottom Line - MyHeritage Review

The bottom line of our MyHeritage review is that the overall service offerings are both affordable and effective. Whether you are using the DNA service simply to find out your ethnic origins or want to use it to augment your relatives listing on your family tree, it’s well-reviewed and well-priced.  

At the same time, the powerful family tree builder software, SmartMatch technology, and other features make the MyHeritage service overall a great resource to get started building yourself a detailed and useful family tree. Sign up for free and try it out for yourself.

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