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  • Free job posts
  • Provides Guru Loyalty Dollars
  • Project tracking tools
  • Requires escrow account
Bottom Line
Guru is easy to use with innovative project tracking tools.
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Featuring over 400,000 freelancers specializing in technology, creative arts and business, Guru is one of the leading freelancer sites, providing employers with an easy to use interface, advanced search capabilities and recommended freelancer-employer matches designed to help employers hire their ideal freelancer in a quick and simple fashion.


Guru is recommended for its completely free job posting, it’s extremely easy to use interface and good customer support. Guru customers will be able to freely browse through thousands of freelancers’ CVs and will also be recommended matches according to their job specifications.

Guru customers will be able to use the service’s TimeTracker tool, designed to allow them the option of closely monitoring their freelancers’ work, viewing screenshots of the work being done, staying up to date on project progress and making sure that the hours they are billed are hours that were actually devoted to work.


Featuring an intuitive user interface and quick signup process, Guru is recommended for its completely free job postings and simple job posting process. Guru offers its customers complete controllability over their project management and budgets, allowing them to create invoices, monitor their budget and project progress, all from Guru’s website.

Guru also offers employers a way to curb their expenses with the service’s offered Guru Loyalty Dollars. The service’s ‘Loyalty Dollars’ function like free credits. Employers receive loyalty dollars by using a preferred payment option including check, e-check and wire transfer, and will be able to use these loyalty dollars to pay freelancers for various projects.

Customer Support

Overall, Guru’s customer support is quite helpful and customers can find answers to almost all of their inquiries in the Guru’s Answers section on the site or can turn to the Guru Community for more answers.

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