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Choice Home Warranty covers all household essentials offering flexible packages and 24/7 customer support.
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Homeowners will find Choice Home Warranty a reliable service to cover home appliance repair. Their basic package covers all the essentials such as heating, electrical, water heater, and kitchen appliances. Customers can also upgrade to include other important appliances such as a clothes washer, dryer, air conditioner, and refrigerator. They also offer optional add-ons such as pool/spa, well pump, septic pump, and more.

Overall, Choice Home Warranty offers reliable coverage, and most who purchase their home warranty packages praise them for fast repairs and convenient scheduling. However, some customers have complained that their supervisors do not respond to requests in a timely manner.

In Choice Home Warranty reviews, customers have suggested that this service makes a better choice for newer homes. Coverage terms and conditions tend to exclude older systems and appliances that require replacement for rust and other conditions that occur over time.


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The basic package covers the essentials such as heating, electrical, and plumbing systems. The basic plan also includes a water heater, whirlpool bathtub, oven/range/stove, cook-top, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, duct-work, garage door opener, and ceiling and exhaust fans. However, the basic package does not include air conditioning, refrigerator, clothes washer, or dryer.

Those who require coverage beyond the basic package will need to purchase the total plan for more money. In addition to the items included in the basic plan, the total package comes with coverage for a refrigerator, clothes washer, clothes dryer, and air conditioning system.

Choice Home Warranty gives customers the flexibility to purchase add-on appliances and systems for an extra fee. Optional coverage items include pool, spa, well pump, central vacuum, a second refrigerator, sump pump, septic system, septic tank pumping, stand alone freezer, and roof leak protection.

The website contains details on what’s included in each package on their website. However, you won’t find transparent pricing for packages and add-ons. Choice Home Warranty requires prospective customers to contact support in order to get details on pricing for their home warranty coverage. You can get a free quote by submitting an online contact form through the Choice Home Warranty website.

BasicBasic PlanTotal Plan
Water Heater
Air Conditioning-
Clothes Dryer-
Clothes Washer-
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Electrical System
Heating System
Ceiling Fans
Built-In Microwave
Service Fee$85.00$85.00


Terms of Service

Customers who sign up with Choice Home Warranty will receive coverage of appliances for one year included in their plan. Their warranty requires a $85 fee per service call. Customers should make sure to read through the warranty agreement because Choice Home Warranty outlines specific exclusions to home repairs. For example, their plan includes the repair of all components of a clothes dryer but excludes coverage of noise, venting, lint screens, knobs and dials, doors, door seals, hinges, glass, leveling and balancing, and damage to clothing.


Customer Support

Choice Home Warranty provides 24/7 customer assistance via an online form, telephone, and snail mail. Customers using Choice Home Warranty generally speak highly of their customer support. However, some complain of incompetent supervisors who do not respond to repair requests in a timely manner.

The majority of customers give Choice Home Warranty positive reviews. Testimonials claim that their service technicians offer quick turnaround, often arriving the same day to repair appliances. They have the knowledge to make sure home appliances work properly.


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Choice Home Warranty Pricing

Choice Home Warranty has two packages available as well as additional add-ons that you can include in your plan. Choice doesn’t post their pricing on the website. To get a free quote, you’ll have to contact support directly. Plans start around $300 per year with deductibles of $85 per service call. Choice Home Warranty pricing is comparable to competing home warranty services.


Word on the Street

When shopping around for the best home warranty service, you can gain a lot of information by reading former customer reviews of Choice Home Warranty online. Sites like Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, and Reddit feature customer reviews and ratings from people who have used the service already.

The Better Business Bureau gives Choice Home Warranty a B- rating. The BBB page also features thousands of Choice Home Warranty reviews. Overall, customers give the company a 1.5 out of 5 stars. The reviews for Choice Home Warranty on the BBB website highlight some of the issues that customers have had that have led to such low ratings. Common complaints result from Choice Home Warranty denying claims to repair or replace appliances.

One Choice Home Warranty review mentions that the company denied a claim to repair an A/C unit due to rust on the coils. Another Choice Home Warranty review talks about a bad experience when the company failed to send a technician within a timely manner. If you are considering Choicehomewarranty, make sure to consider these complaints before signing up.

On Reddit, former and current customers also speak about their experiences. Conversations have said that Choice Home Warranty equals many of the competing companies. Customers should always read the terms and conditions before signing up so they know what is covered in their plan. Some also suggest that home warranty plans like Choice make more sense for new homes as companies may not repair or replace older systems and appliances.

You can visit the Facebook page to find out the latest updates. The page has over 26,000 likes, but no customer reviews of Choice Home Warranty. Still, you can use the Facebook page as a resource for tips on home system and appliance maintenance.

You can also read customer reviews on the Choice Home Warranty website. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but as the site mentions, each customer receives a free month of service for their testimonial.


Bottom Line

Choice Home Warranty makes a great choice for homeowners with relatively newer systems and appliances. By paying an annual fee, a technician will come to your home and handle repairs, saving you time and money in the long run.

You can find out about customer experiences through Choice Warranty review sites on places like Reddit and the Better Business Bureau. Most of the negative reviews seem to correlate with those who require repairs for rusty, old appliances.

Overall, Choice Home Warranty provides competitive rates to cover unexpected breakdowns on home systems and appliances. The flexible pricing allows homeowners to customize their plan to include all necessary items. Contact Choice Home Warranty to get a free quote to make sure you have coverage for your home.

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