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The Glassdoor job site provides a free resource for job hunters to find open positions or read over 11 million employee reviews of companies regarding experiences, salary, and interviews.
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The Glassdoor job site offers a number of different services including job postings, salary reporting, interview experiences, and more. Founded by Expedia veterans in 2008, Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing job sites. The site also offers the opportunity for current and former employees to review their experiences working at different companies with company reviews, interview experiences, and salary expectations.


As the fastest growing job site, Glassdoor provides an extensive resource for job seekers. Their site includes job openings from around the world. It’s free to sign up, allowing you to browse listings and apply. Glassdoor boasts useful features like job alerts or saved jobs to help track and organize interesting job posts.

Glassdoor provides an excellent resource for job hunters. Not only does it provide job listings, but it also allows employees to share their experiences working at different companies. The site focuses on company reviews, interview experiences, and salary expectations. In addition to the actual job postings, Glassdoor has over 11 million employee reviews so you can read about other people’s experiences before accepting a potential job.


Job seekers can join Glassdoor for free. The site allows you to use their services for free, but requires free users to participate in order to unlock the ability to comment often on their site. Glassdoor also has customer HR products and packages for employer branding and recruiting. Pricing for these plans vary. You can request a quote on Glassdoor’s website.

Ease of Use

The Glassdoor job site has an intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate. You can create a username or conveniently sign up using your Google or Facebook account. After signing up, you can search based on four main focal points: job listings, companies, salary, and interviews.

After typing in your search, you will find the relevant results. For example, when searching for job postings in your area, you’ll be able to review a list of relevant positions. By clicking on the posting, you can see more information on the position and apply via the company website.

Customer Support

The Glassdoor Help Center includes a searchable FAQ section to encourage self-service. Topics include common issues, write and edit reviews, find a job, legal FAQ, and more. Their website also hosts a blog with advice for job seekers and recruiters. Glassdoor has social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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