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  • Big dating pool
  • Sophisticated algorithm
  • High success rate
  • Free plan limited
  • Sign up takes time
Bottom Line uses comprehensive questionnaire tests to find relevant matches.
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See Top Online Dating AU

Overview is the largest in the the world. With over 29 million members worldwide and an active marketing strategy, finding potential matches on the site can be overwhelming. Yet with a search functionality that rivals the ability of Google’s advanced search features, provides a way through all the chaff to provide relevant matches without having to take a 60 minute personality test as well.


Sign Up Process

With the ability to get both search the site freely and the ability to get “matched” using their algorithm, has found the best of both worlds for most people wanting to try an online dating site. The first registration and sign up process is less than 10 minutes, including only 20 questions and a bunch of tick boxes that outline your basic profile, likes and dislikes and aspects for a potential match.

There are also written description boxes that you can fill out if you want, but are not required to, to get to their search functions that are included in their free sign up. Of course the more complete your profile, the more contacts you will most likely get. The best part in comparison to other sites, is that you can actually start searching members to see how many may be near you before you actually sign up for a membership.


Member Diversity and Quality

With such a large dating website there are bound to be inactive profiles on the site, but that goes without saying for any online platform. still provides the most members across all age groups, lifestyles and social groups of any dating website.

With so many members, you should have no problem finding enough users looking for a relationship. On such a large site, there are bound to be users that are only there for commercial gain and are using a captive audience to peddle their wares. With the great privacy features included in you can easily keep these poachers at bay.


Functionality and Features

This is where truly shines. As the oldest online dating website, they have had the time to get this type of platform right through continuous customer testing and satisfaction surveying. By providing quick, easy and efficient sign up it provides you with immediate gratification before you hand over your hard earned pounds. Yet with a comprehensive search function, advanced auto search functions and automatic filters you can drill down into member profiles quickly and easily.

As well with features such as saved searches you never have to set up your search parameters more than once. With search functionality that includes every profile metric you can be as picky or daring as you choose. From a non-smoker in your neighborhood with a certain body type to almost any other combination of factors you can think of. Just remember you cannot actually contact these potential matches by email until you sign up for a membership.


Success Rate is the ideal site for anyone looking for a meaningful connection. The site's sophisticated approach to online dating which includes a reliable algorithm and questionnaire increases the likelihood of finding a proper match. Many singles have come to in search of lasting love. In fact, the has section devoted to the many success stories which are as impressive as they are moving.


Safety and Security

As the oldest platform, you can be assured they take their member’s personal information privacy very seriously. They also partner with national organizations about safety awareness for purposes of identity theft and personal protection during the dating cycle. With active tips on how to date safely online including keeping certain personal details secret until you get to know a potential match and keeping first dates offline always to a public place, supports safety of its clients. This is supported by online tools to stop unwanted attention by blocking users from contacting you through the site. 


Customer Support

As with most online companies, does not provide phone support. However their FAQ page is one of the most comprehensive available with answers to all frequently asked questions about their service and online dating in general. There is an online customer support email as well.

See Top Online Dating AU
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