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  • Up to 10 devices
  • Great for Netflix & BBC iPlayer
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • No torrenting
  • Limited server locations
Bottom Line
Best for public WiFi
Top 5 VPN
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You may already know the name Norton from its line of antivirus software. Now Norton offers a VPN that secures your private information shared over the internet on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. With Norton Secure VPN, you get bank-grade encryption to keep your connection secure even while using public wi-fi hotspots and unsecured networks. 

Georestrictions block access to certain content based on your location. With Norton VPN, you can circumvent georestricted content and access your favorite websites, videos, or apps from anywhere while traveling. The VPN works especially well when accessing US and UK streaming services from abroad. Customers have different pricing options offering the flexibility to pay per device, per month, or annually. Users can also purchase VPNs to support 5 or 10 devices simultaneously. Users can try out the service risk free with a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Pricing: 1 device for $4.99/month, 10 devices for $59.99/year (40% off).



Norton VPN secures your internet connection using AES-256 encryption so you can browse the web anonymously. Norton VPN encryption protects against online advertisers and other companies from tracking your internet activity. 

Norton VPN has a no logs policy. This means that Norton will not keep records of your personal activity, ensuring complete privacy when browsing the internet. The company explicitly explains its zero logs policy on its website. 

As a US-based VPN provider, Norton must still comply with US regulations such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) treaties and frameworks, including the ECHELON program, also known as the Five Eyes. Norton VPN does not track user information, but government agencies and law enforcement may still intercept activity and personal data.


Ease of Use & Sign Up

Even if you have never used a VPN service before, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting setup with Norton VPN in just a few minutes. Norton VPN provides encrypted browsing for both computers and mobile devices. On your Android or iOS, you can download the app through Google Play or the App Store respectively. 

Norton VPN boasts an easy-to-use dashboard. Once you download the app, you can turn on the VPN with one click. Simply search from among the servers in 29 countries worldwide. Click the location to access the internet from that server.


Customer Support

Norton VPN has many online resources for customers. You can find more information in the online FAQ or online forum (called the Norton Community). If you need assistance, Norton VPN offers 24/7 support via live chat. You can also get help through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. 

In online Norton VPN reviews, you can find out what customers have to say about their experience with the provider. Norton VPN has only recently entered the market, and doesn’t have many customer reviews including on the Better Business Bureau website. For now, you will come across complaints about torrenting, as Norton VPN does not permit P2P file sharing.

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